Classes and Workshops

Come learn from experienced midwives!

Birthing Your Way offers comprehensive Midwifery Skills Training Workshops, and we can come to you!  We need a minimum of 5 students to book a training.  These sessions are great for beginning student midwives, as well as those with experience.  The skills taught closely mirror those required by NARM, and sign-offs are offered for each skill mastered.  Our midwives are NARM approved and we have designed our training to fulfill NARM skills requirements, and those skills listed in the Practical Skills Guide for Midwifery.

Basic Midwifery Skills Training:

This training provides a solid foundation for the student midwife.  Skills include:

  • vitals
  • prenatal skills
  • well-woman skills
  • newborn and postpartum exams
  • basic labs
  • basic suturing
  • sterilizing instruments
  • and much more!

fee: $174-$400 (depends on length of training)
Days: 1-3


Advanced Midwifery Skills Training:

This training provides an opportunity for students to gain knowledge and experience with the more advanced skills of midwifery, including:

  • shock
  • advanced suturing
  • advanced IV skills
  • twins
  • breech
  • complication skills
  • shoulder dystocia
  • and more

Please note: This advanced workshop is not for beginning students – it is best suited for advanced students who are at (or close to) the primary level in their apprenticeships. 

fee: $400
Days: 1-4


Those interested in hosting/sponsoring a training are encouraged to first familiarize themselves with the content on this site. Those wanting to move forward with scheduling a workshop can contact Heather at 801-615-1733.