Canadian Students

Canadian Program

This page is for informational purposes, please review this page carefully and check requirements for your specific locale and situation.

Birthing Your Way is pleased to offer a midwifery training program for Canadian students.  We accept a limited number of students into our Canadian program each year. There are two components to our Canadian student program: academic and clinical.

Academic preceptorship

Canadian students can complete an academic program in the United States, obtaining an Associates, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree.  Birthing Your Way recommends the Birth Institute (BI) for a distance learning program.  Compared to other options in the U.S., BI offers a low tuition and we feel the program is best suited to students interested in our Canadian program.  Enrollment at BI requires securing an academic preceptor.  Each midwife at Birthing Your Way is a qualified preceptor with BI, and will work closely with you as you complete your modules.   For information on BI, including tuition and academic programs offered, click here.

Academic preceptorship tuition:

Classes at BI are taught in modules.  The length/depth of the classes varies. Therefore, fees charged depends on classes covered.  The range for precepting classes/modules ranges from $50 to $300 per class/module.  To view BI’s modules online, click here.  Students can even begin working on modules while waiting to be accepted into our program.

We also offer weekly distance student coaching sessions for an additional fee.  Check back soon for more information on our valuable coaching program!

Clinical experience

Students in our Canadian program will be able to complete the clinical portion of their education right here at our birth centers in Lehi and Provo, Utah. Students who have had no clinical experience can come to our birth center for 2-3 weeks to begin their clinical experience.  For these beginning students, the usual experience and academic requirements will be waived, however we highly recommend attendance at our skills workshop prior to beginning clinicals. Updated information on our skills workshop will be coming soon, so check back.

Students in our Canadian program can schedule their clinical placements to fit personal scheduling needs.  The number and length of clinical trips needed will vary by student.  For more information on the Birth Institute click here.

Clinical tuition:

For information on our clinical tuition, please check out our Tuition and Housing page.

Feel free to browse this site for more information about our clinical program.  To apply online, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page for the application checklist and link.




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