Student Midwife Program

Gain the practical skills and knowledge to become and exceptional midwife training at our birth-centers located in Lehi, Utah and Provo, Utah. Typically Birthing Your Way student’s stay with us anywhere from 1-6 months learn from and working with dedicated and experienced midwives.

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Classes and Workshops

Come learn from experienced midwives!

Birthing Your Way offers comprehensive Midwifery Skills Training Workshops. These sessions are great for beginning student midwives, as well as those with experience. The skills taught closely mirror those required by NARM, and sign-offs are offered for each skill mastered. Our midwives are NARM approved and we have designed our training to fulfill NARM skills requirements, and those skills listed in the Practical Skills Guide for Midwifery.

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Requirements and Application

With the exception of the doula placement, each apprentice must be either enrolled in a MEAC-accredited midwifery school, or be doing the PEP process plus a coursework program*. We have found that students have a better experience when they have completed a good portion of their academic coursework. This is reflected in our requirements. For students enrolled in our Canadian program, requirements may differ (click here for more info).

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About Birthing Your Way

Birthing Your Way’s Policy is to give the expecting mother control of her labor and birth. Our experienced midwives are there to guard, guide, and protect her through the birthing process.

Birthing Your Way’s goal is to give mothers the support they need to achieve the birth that they desire. Immediate postpartum care is provided to mother and baby after the birth. After the birth, babies are kept with the mother and not placed in a separate nursery in order to facilitate and encourage family bonding.